Exterior Siding


        Siding problems are much different from roof problems.  When a roof is installed poorly, the New England rain and snow will let you know there’s a problem very quickly.  This is not the case with siding.  It can take years before you notice structural damage created from water, mold, termites, etc. let in by poor quality or improperly installed siding.


        The more extreme the structural damage, the more expensive it gets to fix.  Expensive structural damage is what we want to help you avoid.


         Before you restore the interior of your home, it is absolutely crucial to tend to the exterior first.  Your roof & exterior are your home’s armor against the elements.  They are what ultimately protect your investment.


        New England weather is tough on home exteriors.  Products that might be fine to use in other parts of the country simply will not make it here.  New England residents need technologically advanced, top quality materials that offer the best possible protection, and they need them installed properly.


        We will be more than happy to provide you free consultation on your current Metro Boston siding project and bring you up to speed on what’s available to you on the current market.  We can work within your budget to get the most out of whichever material you chose to use & help you to troubleshoot any current problems.


       We are all about customer service & satisfaction.  We treat you like we’d like to be treated.  Please see our gallery of past home exterior projects.  References are available upon request.  We stand behind our work.